The following are frequently asked questions regarding Orlando hard money loans

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How do I get approved for a loan?

Submit an application online at www.localhost/, provide 2 months bank statements, drivers license and company articles and operating agreement

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How long does it take to get a loan?

Usually 7-10 days

What type of properties do we lend on?

Single Family investment properties, No Owner Occupant allowed.

Where do we loan?


What is the minimum and maximum loan amount?

$60,000 to $500,0000

How long are our terms?

1 year interest only loans

How do we approve our loans?

Approvals are performed by valuing the asset then reviewing the personal guarantor’s credit and real estate history.

What is the minimum down payment?


How do we determine ARV?

Either through an internal valuation or a 3rd party appraisal

What is the cost of our loans?

Loans are 11.99% interest with 2.5 loan origination points, a $195 legal doc prep and review fee and a $30 wire fee

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